Cannabiz Learning Academy - Security

How to Integrate Guards into Your Cannabis Business

with Aaron Stieglitz, National Cannabis Security Services

In the webinar, Cannabiz Connection Founding Member and Operations Director for National Cannabis Security Services, Aaorn Stieglitz, tells us how to integrate guards into your cannabis business. In the webinar, Aaron talks about how to stay "future proof" compliant and how to implement security protocols to help you better prepare for compliance audits and investigations in Michigan.

Promoting Safety & Security in the Cannabis Industry - From Cultivation to Consumption

with Aaron Stieglitz, National Cannabis Security Services

In the webinar, Cannabis Connection Founding Member and Director of Operations for National Cannabis Security Services, talks about the importance of safety and security in the cannabis industry, from cultivation to consumption. In the webinar, Aaron provides details about how cannabis business owners can best protect its workers, the product and the cash. Aaron also talks about what the state and municipalities are looking for when it comes to a security plan, something that is required as part of licensing process.