Cannabiz Learning Academy - Public Relations

How to Launch a Cannabiz Company or Product

with Erin Lumley and Heidi Groshelle of Ingrid Marketing

In the webinar, Cannabiz Connection Founding Members and Owners of Ingrid Marketing, Heidi Groshelle and Erin Lumley, talk about the steps you need to take when launching a new company or product. Heidi and Erin share tips for creating a message, reaching out to the media and tips for effectively pitching your idea to the media.

How to Hone in on Your Top Three Marketing Messages

with Erin Lumley and Heidi Groshelle of Ingrid Marketing

In the webinar, Ingrid Marketing Founders and Cannabiz Connection Founding Members, Heidi Groshelle and Erin Lumley get deep into the gut of marketing and talk about how to hone in on your top three marketing messages. Heidi and Erin unlock ten benefits of creating clear and concise business messaging and will provide examples of good and bad marketing messages in the cannabis industry. Watch this webinar and get valuable tips for creating a message that will help you resonate with your audience.