Bratic Enterprises Cannabiz Connection
Written by: Kevin Currier, Word Currier

With the massive amount of buildout needed to accommodate cultivators in the post MMFLA landscape, one thing on many people’s minds is energy consumption. When dealing with a plant that requires a great deal of indoor and outdoor lighting, added to the humidifiers, dehumidifiers, destratification, HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning), carbon filters, anything needed for offices, parking, security, you can see the electrical needs add up pretty quickly. Parallel that to our relatively slow-moving climate of renewable resources (LED lights won't cut those types of costs), you have the potential for a money pit.

Steve Bratic, the managing director at Bratic Enterprises LLC, says the potential for a complete off-the-grid grow operation is exactly what they do. “People are unaware there are alternatives," Steve says. He and his team are currently in talks to scale an 80,000 sqft. Class C facility (1,500 plants) OFG (off-the-grid) completely. “There are options (for renewable energy), you just have to structure it properly.” So, there is more than hope, there are actionable steps.