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Looking to grow your own cannabis-based business?

New resources are available to aid the cannabis industry in West Michigan. Jamie Cooper launched an all-in-one platform, Cannabiz Connection, in January. The company helps entrepreneurs who are interested in starting their own medical marijuana practice.

Cannabiz Connection is an online website that provides updates on new and changing regulations, and networking opportunities for individuals who want to start their own cannabis business. It also provides an outlet for those who offer medical marijuana services and products to support the industry, according to Cooper.


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Cannabiz Connection: A new way to grow your business

GRAND HAVEN, MICH. - Imagine a career builder for cannabis: your social, professional and research needs in the medical marijuana field, all in one place. Cannabiz Connection, a Grand Haven-based company, is an all-in-one website to be successful in the industry.

"I realized that there was a huge need for this to be developed to help those that are building businesses in the industry to connect with the service providers that are needed to build a successful business," CEO and founder Jamie Cooper said.


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All-In-One Canna-Business Platform Launched: Cannabiz Connection

This week, an all-in-one platform for cannabis business owners, Cannabiz Connection, was launched. The site serves as a social network for “canna-business” owners, as well as a directory of attorneys, consultants, contractors, start-ups, and existing businesses. It’s meant to be a business accelerator and resource, keeping its members up-to-date on things like local regulations.

“I created the all-in-one Cannabiz Connection platform to help people learn, grow and build successful cannabis careers,” says Founder and CEO, Jamie Cooper.


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Cannabis Businesses Invest In The Midwest As Michigan's New Medical Marijuana Laws Take Effect

The Great Lakes State has the second-largest medical marijuana patient base in the country, trailing only gigantic California. A shift in Michigan's medical marijuana market is no small event. Major legal weed markets have opened up on the West Coast — California, Washington, Oregon, Nevada and Alaska — and New England, with Maine, Massachusetts and Washington D.C. But the Midwest remains largely untapped.

Michigan's new licensing and seed-to-sale tracking system for medical marijuana opened for applications in December, and observers expect to see a ballot question on recreational marijuana in Michigan in November.


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Cannabiz in Grand Haven ready to guide businesses through cannabis industry

GRAND HAVEN, MI - An all-in-one platform to facilitate the creation of cannibis businesses in Michigan launched out of Grand Haven today, Jan. 23. Cannabiz Connection is a social community, directory and "business accelerator" for startups, consultants and existing businesses, according to a news release. 

"I created the all-in-one Cannabiz Connection platform to help people learn, grow and build successful cannabis careers," said founder and CEO Jamie Cooper, of Grand Haven. "The first order of business for any startup is to connect with the people who are already doing business in the industry." 


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How the Cannabis Industry Creates Its Own Social Media

In the age of the social network, the cannabis industry is in a unique predicament. Advertising, marketing, and – most importantly – networking cannot be done across the usual channels. Cannabis businesses cannot easily advertise products or even co-mingle with one another when many of their operations are still considered illegal in over twenty states.

It’s high-time for new social media sites and software platforms to launch and meet the growing network needs of the cannabis industry.


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Cannabis' 'Industry Power Women' Bring Together Top Female Entrepreneurs at the Helm of a $10 Billion Industry

It’s not a new concept. Finding the crème de la crème of an industry and collaborating to generate an insuppressible force. Collaboration, they say, is the new competition, and never has that been more imperative than in an industry as multifaceted as cannabis. In the case of Industry Power Women (IPW), the cream has certainly risen to the top.

Industry Power Women was created to help recognize and advance female business leaders, owners, CEO’s, all around entrepreneurs, and trailblazers by providing strategic partnerships and leadership development opportunities. The focus of IPW is to propel women business owners into greater economic, social and political spheres of power throughout the industry.


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'The Marijuana Show' Will Train the Cannabis Industry's Projected 250,000 New Employees

LOS ANGELESJan. 17, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- The producers of the hit Amazon Prime Show "The Marijuana Show," known by millions as "The Shark Tank for the Cannabis Industry," created Bud Camp, the most trusted educational training for the cannabis industry.  Bud Camp brings conferences to your couch and is the first online business accelerator for cannabis entrepreneurs and investors that also offers online networking events. The first summit is "The 2018 Canna-Profit Summit."

The three-day online, live summit (Jan. 29-31) focuses on marketing, sales, branding, building communities and investment with 16 industry experts and is co-produced by Tokeativity, a cannabis community for women. The summit is found at